E-Type 5 Speed Conversion Gearbox

The Broadsport 5-speed gearbox kit has brand new components (not reconditioned). The unique design of a direct bolt-on case gives this kit the very best and easiest way of upgrading a transmission. After 14 years of development and testing we now have what we believe is the very best gearbox replacement on the market, exclusively developed for Broadsport and capable of handling over 300 BHP. With a fifth gear ratio of 0.763:1 which is similar to an overdrive gear.  Here we can see our mechanic – Brad; in our workshop fitting the exterior components including fitment of the gear lever linkage assembly and rear mount to suit an E-type model Jaguar. Once this Broadsport Gearbox has been quality checked, it is then ready to be shipped out to the customer. Contact us at Guy Broad for more information, spec or instruction sheets on this or any Broadsport Gearbox.

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