Starting Guy Broad Spares was something of a lifetime mission with the inspiration beginning in my childhood. My roots into the car world started from a very young age with a family that has spent a lifetime owning some of the most wonderful cars and doing great and exciting things in racing and touring and all things car based.

It all began with my grandfather, John Broad being the founder of what was going to be the beginning of the start of the Broad Dynasty. Over a span of 50 years he owned more than 140 cars, with some of them still being the most desirable cars today.

My father, Jeremy Broad was nurtured on the heart-throbbing roar and the heady octane whiff of these titans of the track. As a teenager, he became part of my grandfather’s pit team, and was bitten by the racing bug, for which there is no known antidote!

Jeremy’s passion for classic cars was boundless. He was a walking encyclopedia of facts and figures;  a former editor of the XK Register and an authority on his favourite marque, the Jaguar XK.

No chance that I could escape becoming infected by the self-same virus. My life revolves around everything XK, a quest that has taken me all over Europe and the Americas in building up the Guy Broad organisation and the world-wide reputation we enjoy today.