Fitted Luggage

Fitted luggage is a nice touch for any XK owner, especially if you use your car for more than going to the pub. As we all know, the XK boot is a bit of an odd shape but actually quite capacious when you use all the space. The best way of doing that, of course, is fitted luggage. It was available in period and various people have offered reproduction fitted luggage in recent years. Being handmade, it is pretty expensive and many of the original period fittings are no longer available.

There is a new solution. A UK Midlands firm is now producing a modern soft version of the luggage which is practical, light and reasonably priced. The set of two cases are available through Guy Broad.

“A fantastic little firm, run by people who have turned a hobby into a business”, says Guy of the suppliers. “Exactly what this market is all about: a genuine enthusiast trying to do the right thing for owners. Sensible products at sensible prices!”